Inclusion & accessibility

Programme "Points of Support"

Experiential workshop for the production of improved educational material

Association of Friends of the Disabled “Movement for Change"


With the Foundation’s funding, the Association of Friends of The Disabled – “Movement for Change” has created and operates an experiential workshop to produce improved educational material, with the participation of the Association’s beneficiaries themselves.

With the guidance of special instructors, the beneficiaries use materials such as felt, cardboard, sewing items and fabrics of various colours and textures, to create books made of fabric, which offer various activities. This way, children not only develop skills that are useful in their everyday life, such as subtle mobility and self care, but are also able to utilise the material produced for educational and recreational purposes. The action will be completed by preparing and providing a methodology manual for the organisation and operation of similar workshops by other institutions.

This action is implemented under the "Points of Support" programme, which aims to support innovative social initiatives with maximum impact on vulnerable social groups, to promote innovation and improve effectiveness as well as to maximise social impact in the field of NGOs. The programme is an initiative of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, the TIMA Charitable Foundation, the Hellenic Hope charity organization and the Bodossaki Foundation. 


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