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ICSee - Innovative application for people with visual impairments

SC!FY - Science for You


SciFY is a non-profit organization that develops cutting edge information technology to solve real life problems and offers it freely to the public, including all design and implementation details and the necessary support. The organization develops open, freely accessible, complete information systems that address important problems and provides them free of charge to everyone.  

SciFY focuses on four main impact areas:
1. Assistive technologies  for people with disabilities (e.g. games for blind children)
2. e-Democracy solutions (e.g. DemocracIT )
3. Organizational intelligence (e.g. automatic news summaries, personalized services)
4. Supporting civil society

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, as part of its strategic support of initiatives aimed at the full integration of people with disabilities, funded the development of the ICSee 2.0 application for android smartphones and tablets. This improved version processes real-time video images from portable devise cameras through a series of filters and provides on-screen results that are easier to read or recognize by people who are visually impaired. Users simply point their smartphone or tablet camera at anything they want to see better and are shown a processed and clearer image on screen. This way they can recognize undersized objects or read smaller print (e.g. restaurant menus and bills, taximeter fares, names on doorbells, etc.).

ICSee is a free application and does not depend on the user’s language. User instructions are available in Greek and English.

For more information regarding this application please see here.



Interesting facts

There are 285 million people all over the world with visual impairment. 40 million are fully blind and 245 million have restricted visibility. Of these, 120 million cannot see well, though their problem can be solved in most cases with glasses, contact lenses or surgery, while 125 million are severely impaired.

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