Housing Security

Upgrade of the Day Centre for Homeless in Athens, with the provision of Home Cinema equipment 



PRAKSIS is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation which aims at the protection of socially vulnerable groups, through the defense of their human and social rights and the fight against their social and economic exclusion. In view of the contemporary economic crisis at a national and international level and its following consequences, a significant part of the population is unable to cover its basic needs (accommodation, nutrition, health care, education, safety). Over the past few years, PRAKSIS organisation, through its activities and cooperations at a national and European level, aims at alleviating/relieving the people affected by the economic downturn. To this direction, organisation’s main focus is the design and implementation of humanitarian programmes, as well as informative campaigns on several issues such as STD, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS.

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation reinforced the operation of the Day Centre for Homeless, which was founded by PRAKSIS in Athens, with the provision of a Home Cinema, the installation of the appropriate equipment and the transformation of the space, in order to provide comfort and the pleasant feeling of a real cinema experience. The purpose of this initiative is the upgrade of the Centre’s operation, of its various supportive services, as well as the psychological uplift and the socialisation of the people hosted daily by the Centre. 


Interesting facts

PRAKSIS's social workers carry out daily street work and provide interventions with the purpose of detecting and informing individuals who are in need of the organisation's social care services.

Head Office

57 Stournari St. 

10432 Athens

Tel.: +30 210 52 05 200

Fax: +30 210 52 05 201