Food Security

Covering Operating Expenses

Food Bank – Foundation to Fight Hunger



Continuing the tradition initiated by John S. Latsis in 1995 with his founding donation, the Foundation has for a number of years supported the Food Bank by covering its operating expenses. The Food Bank collects donations of food, cleaning supplies and items for personal hygiene and systematically distributes them to 144 soup kitchens, as well as to institutions with limited resources which host people from vulnerable social groups.

The Foundation’s funding covers the salary of an employee charged with the administrative co-ordination of the multifaceted work of the organisation.


In 2016:

  • There were 24,000 people benefiting from the work of the Food Bank.
  • 300 volunteers were mobilised to concentrate more than 38 tons of legumes, pasta, milk and other staples.
  • 1,022 tons of food and other products were distributed to social welfare organisations in Greece.


124, Krioneriou Av.

14568 Krioneri

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Fax: +30 210 62 21 316 (in Greek)