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Improving citizens' everyday lives and informing and mobilising Greek society are the main objectives of the programme, which is evolving along two main axes: a) the promotion of green oases in cities, and b) diet, focusing on the adoption of the Mediterranean model and limiting food waste.

On the urban green axis, the actions are focused on distribution and promotion of the “Greenspaces” free application for smart phones through the portal www.kalyterizoi.gr. Citizens nationwide record and evaluate forests, parks and other places in their cities and participate in awareness-raising events for the general public.

On the nutrition axis, in collaboration with a team of experts from Harokopio University, a research intervention is to be carried out at two primary schools and one kindergarten on a pilot basis, for the purpose of changing students’ dietary habits, with a view to encouraging adoption of a healthier and more environmentally friendly nutritive model. After evaluating the results of the pilot programme, the integrated educational material from school nutrition workshops, entitled "Healthy Children, Healthy Planet”, along with an accompanying guide for teachers and parents, will be made available nationwide, at the start of the new school year.

The Foundation, in conjunction with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, is a supporter of the broader “Better Life” programme.


76,000 citizens are registered at the portal www.kalyterizoi.gr.

5,000 citizens have already downloaded the free Greenspaces application.

900 green spaces in 89 Greek towns have already been mapped.

10,000 citizens have put up a strong presence at the highly participatory event, on World Environment Day (Sunday, June 5, 2016), at the National Garden, a full day of sports and other events in an effort to relink the public with green spaces.


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