Reinforcement of the “Healthy Aging 65+” programme  

Doctors of the World / Médecins du Monde – Greece



As part of their wide-ranging initiative and supported by the Foundation, the Médecins du Monde developed the ‘Healthy Aging 65+’ programme that was implemented at the organization’s Open Polyclinic in the Piraeus Perama suburb from September 2014 to August 2015. The implementation team was comprised of a medical doctor, a psychologist and a social worker, supported by the polyclinic’s staff and volunteers. Through this program, elderly area residents aged 65 to 85 were provided a comprehensive range of medical services, which in many cases offered support not only to the beneficiaries but to their families as well. Specifically, the project team provided geriatric medical treatments, pharmaceutical support and guidance, as well as updates on social welfare issues, food aid, psychosocial support, counseling on social issues and consultations to beneficiary relatives with dementia symptoms.


  • 101 elderly people from Piraeus, Perama, Nikaia, Keratsini and Korydallos, as well as the island of Salamis participated in the programme.
  • 1,298 consultations involved pharmaceutical treatment.
  • 1,452 appointments involved social services.
  • 132 sessions were held at the Psychological Support Center.


Interesting facts

The logo of the International Network of Medecins du Monde was designed in 1987 by Richard Rossin. The dove in the centre is used as the symbol of peace and medical care worldwide.

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