‘Solidarity Subscription’ Programme

Diogenis NGO - Street Paper "Schedia"



The Diogenes nonprofit organization has been publishing the Shedia street paper and overseeing its distribution network since 2013. Shedia is a member of the International Network of Street Papers and is sold at specific locations by a network of authorized and socially vulnerable street vendors, such as the homeless and people living below the poverty line. The funding provided by the Foundation allowed the organization to launch the ‘Solidarity Subscription’ Program, a subscriptions service staffed by elderly or disabled individuals who would not be able to handle street sales.


  • 12 people, mainly elderly, were hired and worked for the subscriptions programme.
  • 122 street papers in 41 countries make up the International Network of Street Papers.


Interesting facts

The Diogenes nonprofit organization was founded in 2010 to support initiatives aimed at the integration and reintegration of homeless and socially marginalized people back into the social fabric. In addition to the Shedia street paper, the organization’s programs include the ‘Kick out Poverty’ initiative and the National Homeless Football Team, and ‘Invisible Routes’ a program of sightseeing tours in Athens led by homeless individuals.

24-26, Favierou St.

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