Food Aid Programme for the Elderly

Ladies Union of Drama



Since 2014, the Foundation in cooperation with the TIMA Charitable Foundation, has been supporting the Ladies Union of Drama, by meeting the needs of its elderly beneficiaries in terms of basic food supplies. In 2015, two social workers were appointed to organize and run the programme more efficiently which, in addition to food vouchers, offers social support and counseling for highly vulnerable individuals, such as families with elderly dependents, elderly people with unemployed children as well as elderly couples and elderly singles.


  • 74 families in the city of Drama receive food supplies on a monthly basis through this programme.


Interesting facts

The Ladies Union of Drama is one of the oldest philanthropic organisations of Greece. It started operating unofficially in 1904 and is a Recognised Philanthropic Union since 1929.

During the Balcan Wars it provided care to the wounded and anyone in need and helped unemployed soldiers to find work.

114, Venizelou St.

66100 Drama

Tel.: +30 25210 58 015

Fax: +30 25210 46 062 (in Greek)