The Aging issue area focuses on the increase access of the elderly to social services, healthcare, food and recreation, the promotion of social, psychological wellbeing as well as safety & security of elders and the improvement of learning and skills training of carers/guardians/families

We support projects that cater to the increasing ageing population, which channel the valuable contributions the elderly are able to make to their communities, workplaces and society at large. The disabling environment that prevents them from doing so, whether poor institutional practice, lack of connections, isolation, taboos or discrimination, is the set of targets that our grantees strive to overcome. We work with organisations that are either led by these communities or closely support them in order to overcome barriers to inclusion and integration. Specialised food, healthcare and recreation programs aiming to function preventatively or extend independence of the elderly population have been the focus of past projects as well as projects addressing dementia and cognitive impairments for patients, families and carers.