In 2007, the John S. Latsis family decided the conversion of the “Neraida”, an old passenger vessel of the Argosaronikos Gulf, into a floating museum with the John Latsis’s business history as its main exhibitional axis.


In September 2007 the vessel was transported at Sibenik, Croatia. Its restoration and conversion lasted almost 2 years and, on April 29, 2010, the vessel returned to the waters of Eleusis. The reconstruction project was initiated and supervised by Spiro Latsis.

The “Neraida” was purchased by John Latsis by the end of 1949 and boosted his coastal shipping activity, bringing, at the same time, a flavour of comfort and luxury in the –until then – neglected Greek coastal shipping sector. She travelled along with the visitors of the Argosaronic islands for almost 25 years being, not the most profitable, but, definitely, one of the most beloved business activities of her owner.

Recognising the vessel’s importance for his business startup, John Latsis and his family never sent the “Neraida” for scrap, but instead kept her decommissioned at the Eleusis port facilities for over 30 years. Today, the “Neraida” of John Latsis’s again sails proudly, being, at the same time, a monument of the history of Greek coastal shipping, an impressive sample of an old hull’s restoration and, most importantly, a business history museum of her master.

The Neraida Floating Museum is berthed at Flisvos Marina.


For more information, visit the Floating Museum's website.