Grant Applications

  • How can I apply for a grant?

The Foundation accepts and evaluates funding requests submitted through the grant application form available here

Applications are accepted throughout the year and are evaluated by the grant appraisal committee. Grants are only given for nonprofit initiatives. 

  • How long does it take for the evaluation?

The Administration will inform all applicants regarding the outcome of their application within 3 months. 

  • Does the Foundation fund specific issue areas?

The Foundation plans, manages, and funds programmes that cover a broad range of fields, such as education, science, arts and culture and social welfare and community development.

  • Who evaluates the requests;

All the requests are evaluated by the Foundation’s officers and, subsequently, by the operations committee of the Foundation that convenes frequently during the year.

  • Does an organization have to have a specific legal form in order to be selected for funding?

An important prerequisite is the non-profit nature, such as foundations, non-profit private law legal entities, societies, non-profit and non-governmental organisations, social cooperative enterprises etc. Moreover, public entities with an activity within the Foundation’s scope.

  • Do you accept requests from individuals?

The Foundation does not fund individuals. Exceptions are made for scholarships for studies in Greece and abroad.


  • Do you offer undergraduate scholarships?

Yes, the Foundation offers scholarships for undergraduate studies in Greece, only in public Universities.

  • Do you offer postgraduate scholarships?

Yes, the Foundation offers scholarships for postgraduate studies (master’s level) in Greece and abroad

  • Can I apply for a PhD scholarship?

The Foundation does not offer PhD level scholarships

  • Can I apply for a scholarship throughout the year?

The scholarship applications are accepted only as part of a public call, posted on our website and published on digital and printed media.

  • When are the public calls published? 

The public call for the undergraduate programmes is announced each year during fall and the one for the postgraduate programmes during spring. 

  • Can I apply for a scholarship by post?

All applications must be submitted online and in accordance to the conditions and timetable of each public call.

  • How does the scholarship amount disburse and what kind of expenses it covers?

The scholarship amount is disbursed in installments within the academic year. It is the beneficiary’s choice, whether the amount will cover tuition fees or maintenance expenses. There are no restrictions to this end by the Foundation. 


  • How do I purchase a book published by the Foundation?

The Foundation’s publications, including the Museums’ Cycle, are not for sale. They are distributed gratis to selected recipients, such as universities, libraries, museums, archaeological agencies, foundations and other cultural and scientific organizations in Greece and abroad.

  • Can you send me a digital copy of the books?

Our publications are available as e-books through our website. 

General enquiries

  • How can I apply for a job at the Foundation?

Currently there are nο vacancies at the Foundation. When an opportunity arises, it will be published on this website with details on the submission process.