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Structural health monitoring of the behavior of the Acropolis Walls under seismic loading, via combined instrumentation with optical fiber sensors and accelerometers

Faculty of Rural and Surveying Engineering, National Technical University of Athens


Instrumented Structural Health Monitoring is applied worldwide and extensively mainly on structures with economic importance, historical significance and great risk. One of the basic methods of instrumental monitoring is the application of optical fiber sensors. The perimeter Wall of the Acropolis of Athens has undergone many physical damage and human interference with the passage of time that has led to cracks and potential risks to structural failures of the monument. The purpose of this study is the combined recording of strains on the South Wall of Acropolis during the seismic activity, via optical fiber sensors with the use and extension of the existing sensor network and the acceleration records that occur, through the already established accelerometer network. The records will help to investigate the dynamic behaviour – distress of the Wall, while in parallel computational models will be built utilizing the finite element stress analysis method for comparisons and evaluations.



Michail Sakellariou, National Technical University of Athens

Project's Team:

Ioannis Kalogeras, National Observatory of Athens

Eleni Kapogianni, National Technical University of Athens

Prodromos Psaropoulos, National Technical University of Athens

9, Iroon Polytechneiou Str

15780 Zographos