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The Evia coastal jet at the vicinity of Kimi: hydrological structure and importance as a fishspawning ground and with respect to fisheries

Hellenic Center for Marine Research


The research targets of this project were to investigate i) the hydrodynamical structure of the Evia current in the vicinity of Kimi, ii) the seasonal distributions of the ichthyoplankton and iii) the activities of the local fisheries. For this, we conducted a total of three field surveys during March, June and October 2011, and made the following observations regarding the aforementioned issues.

The Evia current in the wider vicinity of the Kimi area in 2011 had a maximumvelocity core near the surface with speeds ~1 knot (~50 cm/sec) at approximately 6-10 nmiles offshore from the coast. In the gulf of Kimi, it followed a clockwise path with surface speeds ~ 10-15 cm/sec.

A total of 43 taxa were identified, belonging to 29 families, out of which 23 are of commercial importance. The cold/warm waters in the gulf of Kimi during winter/summer, the low-salinity Black-Sea waters in summer and the low-energy characteristics of this area result in rich-ichthyoplankton presence of sardines in the winter and anchovies in the summer, similar to the ones of the Thracian Sea.
Approximately 120 local fishing vessels, including trawlers, purse-seiners and vessels of small-scale fishery are active in the area. Trawl fishery is mainly targeting hake, Norway lobster, pink shrimp, blackbellied angler, red mullets and striped red mullets. The study area is characterized by very diverse ecosystems, including areas with deep-water corals that are of high ecological interest, whereas an important population of monk seals seems to be also sustained and interacting with coastal fishing operations.

Final report (in Greek)



Harilaos Kontoyiannis, Senior Researcher, Hellenic Center for Marine Research

Project Team:

Apostolis Siapatis, Technical Scientist, Doctoral Student, Hellenic Center for Marine Research

Eugenia Lefkaditou, Dr., Technical Scientist, Hellenic Center for Marine Research

Vassilios Papadopoulos, Dr., Technical Scientist, Hellenic Center for Marine Research

Dimitrios Damalas, Dr., Technical Scientist, Hellenic Center for Marine Research

Stefanos Kavadas, Operations’ Scientist, Hellenic Center for Marine Research

Christiana Leontari, Doctoral Student, Department of Biology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

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