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Spatial inequalities of income, development and poverty in Greece

Department of Geography, Harokopion University


This project seeks to develop methodological tools and arrive at empirical findings that will record the levels of socio-economic development and poverty in Greece. This research question was motivated by the lack of any empirical research dealing with issues of inequality and poverty on a detailed geographical level of analysis, such as the Kallikratis Municipalities.

Our research applies spatial analysis methods to demographic and economic data. These methods include data mapping and statistical evaluation that examine spatial imbalance. At the same time, a series of different indicators was established, such as the synthetic Human Poverty Index (includes the probability at birth of not surviving to the age of 60, the percentage of the population aged between 15–64 that lacks functional literacy skills, and the percentage of unemployment) and the synthetic UN Human Development Index or HDI (includes life expectancy at birth, average declared family income and average years of education). Their values were categorized and mapped to depict geographical differentiations.

One of the interesting findings of the research study is that island municipalities with a highly developed tourist product and relatively high GDP on a regional level are classified, according to the UN’s synthetic HDI, among the 20% of the population of Greece with the highest poverty level. This may be due to the fact that the wealth produced during the summer period is not necessarily channelled to the permanent residents of the islands.

As a whole, our research study provides empirical evidence demonstrating that significant inequality exists at the development and poverty levels of the population at the municipal level. Given that the law allows elected local self-government officials to exercise local development policy, this research can contribute to formulating such policies.

Final report (in Greek)

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Stamatis Kalogirou, Lecturer, Department of Geography, Harokopio University

Project Team:

Alexandra Tragaki, Assistant professor, Department of Geography, Harokopio University

Cleon Tsimbos, Professor, Department of Statistics and Insurance Science, University of Piraeus

Irini Moustaki, Reader in Social Statistics, Department of Social Statistics, London School of Economics and Political Science

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