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Scientific popularization in the Greek 19th century through the child and youth journals of the  period

Hellenic Open University


The proposed study will attempt, for the first time in the Greek case, to explore the science popularization efforts during the period covering the 19th century since the founding of the Greek state, with a focus to the scientific popularization aimed at children and young audiences.
Our goal is the findings of the primary research to connect with the examination whether this trend is linked to the needs of the emerging bourgeoisie in the fledgling state for experts in science and technology.

A comparative study of the research results for the Greek area with the corresponding research findings relating to other European countries will also be carried out.

Primary research material, from rare and inaccessible journals, will be indexed and will be registered in a database, which will eb available on the worldwide web. Therefore open access to relevant information will be available to anyone interested. The results of our research will be used for a specific paper and will be presented also at an international conference.



Georgios Vlaxakis, Hellenic Open University

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