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From 2013 to 2014 the Foundation funded exclusively the creation of a digital archive on the life, works and personality of the first governor of the Hellenic State, Ioannis Kapodistrias, (1776-1831), through the collection and digital presentation of archival collections and items that are scattered throughout the various cities and countries where he lived. The programme's scientific committee comprised distinguished historians and digital history specialists.

Utilizing the possibilities provided by digital technologies, the creation of the Digital Archive aims at surpassing the difficulties so far inherent in the collection of evidence regarding the work of I. Kapodistrias. Escaping the limitations of a traditional archive, the webnode aspires to offer an integrated picture for the multiplicity and diversity of evidence concerning I. Kapodistrias, its geographical dispersion, as well as its linguistic variety, operating, at the same time, as a useful research and educational tool for the study of Kapoditstrias's era, life and work.

Aiming at informing the teachers on the possibilities of the archive within the educational process, a workshop will be organised at the island of Aegina, 

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Interesting facts

From the 86 European archival collections that were studied during the project in Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, France and Austria, 27 were found to include documents related to Kapodistrias.


The project, apart from the recording and digitisation of archival items, also included the production of 4 documentaries and 3 educational scenarios.


Kapodistrias Museum is housed in one of his family's residences at Corfu.

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