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Fabrication and characterization of integrated pneumatic component for liquid flow control in microfluidics

Technological Educational Institute of Sterea Ellada (Chalkida)


The market related to the fabrication and implementation of microfluidics for various applications has exhibited fast growth during the last years. Recent innovations have focused on improved autonomy and the introduction of new features through the use of peripheral components. The latter must be integrated to conventional microfluidic devices with minimal impact on cost and energy demand. In this project a novel functional component, uVALVIT, will be fabricated for liquid actuation and flow control in microfluidics with mild pressure needs. Due to its design several peripherals can be implemented in-series or in parallel to a microfluidic, and function independently. Deliberate gas control will also enable liquid temperature control as well as the chemical reaction control leveraging appropriate temperature reactive gas combination.

This project was evaluated and funded as part of the Foundation’s effort to support research teams with all their members being under 40 years old.


Nikolaos Vourdas, Technological Education Institute of Stera Ellada

Project's Team:

Konstantinos Dalamagkidis, Technische Universitat Munchen

34400 Psahna, Evia

Chalkida, Greece

Tel.: +30 22280 99 500

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