Programme "University of Trento Summer Schools"

16th International Summer School "Intensive Course on Inequality and the Changing Distribution of Income"

Cognitive and Experimental Economics Laboratory (CEEL), Department of Economics and Management, University of Trento


The International Summer School at the University of Trento is simultaneously a school, teaching contemporary theories and methods, and a workshop, wherein participants, both faculty and students, develop research and ideas. 

The 16th consecutive Summer School, entitled "Intensive Course on Inequality and the Changing Distribution of Income", will take place between June 15th and June 26th at Hotel Villa Madruzzo, Trento. The programme includes lectures from visiting scientist from around the world including Martin Guzman from Columbia University GSB, Daniel Heymann from the University of Buenos Aires, Fabrizio Zilibotti from the University of Zurich etc. who will talk about issues of economic inequality. The school aims to address critical questions relating to the influence of inequality on economic performance and the declining share of middle class, as well as to examine what policies might both improve economic performance and reduce inequality. 

The deadline for applications is April 23, 2015 and the results will be announced on May 4, 2015. 

For further information, visit the program's webpage.


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