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Before the flame goes out: documentation of the Yevanic dialect

Independent Team


This study aims at the documentation and analysis of a severely endangered Greek dialect, the Yevanic/Romaniote dialect of Hebrews in Greece. Yevanic is currently spoken by a restricted number of speakers in Chalkida, Ioannina and New York; restricted is also the number of studies on the grammar of this dialect. The proposed research has two goals. First, the creation of a basic corpus of oral texts in the Yevanic dialect that will be collected through interviews from Yevanic native speakers that still live in Ioannina, Chalkida and New York. Second, the linguistic analysis of the grammar structure of the Yevanic dialect and the writing of the first grammar of this neglected language..

Final Report (in Greek)



Evangelia Vlachou, Linguistics Lecturer, University of the Aegean

Project's Team:

Chrysoula Papadopoulou, University of the Aegean

Georgios Kotzoglou, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, University of the Aegean