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Local History: theory and methodology for research and educational actions

National Hellenic Research Foundation


Basic position on the renewal of historical studies is the recognition of the importance of many new items both in the field of historical research and teaching in this exploitation in school history. The study focuses on the emerging field of research and teaching of local history. The aim of this study is to highlight how to connect a modern historiographical approach of local history as with its applications in the classroom. This action research has three objectives: a) The examination and understanding of theory and methodology of local history as an interdisciplinary field, b) through a specially designed online-site to develop a paradigm that will serve as a guide for research or educational actions of local history from the users, researchers, teachers or collectives and c) coordination of communication and interaction of researchers, teachers and social activities related to local history. This dynamic study and presentation of local history may give new impetus to the production of studies and educational activities.

Final Report (in Greek)



Sophia Mattheou, Assistant Researcher, National Hellenic Research Foundation

Project's Team:

Leonidas Kallivretakis, Research Director, Institute of Historical Research, National Hellenic Research Foundation

Christos Chrysanthopoulos, External Research Fellow, Institute of Historical Research, National Hellenic Research Foundation

Katerina Zografou, Archivist, General State Archives - Archives of Arkadia's Prefecture

Kamonahou Maria, Archivist, General State Archives - Archives of Corfu's Prefecture

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