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Laser nanostructuring of silicon for novel optoelectronic applications

National Hellenic Research Foundation


Silicon substrates, covered with uniform and periodic microspikes or nanospikes, will be fabricated by irradiation of silicon wafers by a large number of laser pulses in a chemical environment, such as SF6 gas or water. Two different laser systems will be employed for different spike morphologies. The structured substrates will be used for the development of semiconducting and metallic devices. Semiconducting devices, such as photodiodes and thin-film solar cells, will take advantage of the inherent n/n+ diode near the surface of the spikes as well as their broadband, visible-to-infrared optical absorption. Coating the spikes with thin metallic films will allow for applications such as optical nanotrapping and Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering, due to near-field enhancement between the spikes caused by the excitation of localized surface plasmon resonances. Microspike devices will be compared with nanospike devices for functionality, performance, ease of fabrication, and cost.

Final Report (in Greek)


Maria Kandyla, Associate Researcher, Theoretical and Physical Chemistry Institute, National Hellenic Research Foundation

Project's Team:

Pavlos Lagoudakis, Professor, University of Southampton

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