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"Going rural": Counter-urbanisation in times of crisis

Newcastle University


This research explores urban-to-rural migration in Greece. Theoretically, the project is linked to wider discussions on counter-urbanisation, that most western societies have been experiencing, highlighting the growth of ‘rural lifestyle’ preferences amongst urban dwellers in periods of significant residential mobility and economic growth. The Greek case will contribute to these debates by internationalising the counter-urbanisation experience, which draws heavily on British and North American cases. In that regard, the research will explore the potential of a counter-urbanisation trend in the context of the current economic crisis and will highlight its implications, beyond the impacts commonly cited in the literature, such as the colonisation of the countryside by middle-class residents. Empirically, the research will draw on data from a survey, combining a choice experiment with a wider questionnaire, to investigate willingness to relocate in rural localities as well as motivations, obstacles and residential preferences associated with this choice.

Final Report


Gkartzios ​Menelaos, Lecturer in Rural Development, School of Agriculture Food and Rural Development, Newcastle University

Project Team:

Guy Damian Garrod, Reader in Environmental Economics / Director of the Centre for Rural Economy, School of Agriculture Food and Rural Development, Newcastle University

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