Aeginiteio Hospital, 1904-1979: the institution and people in the course of time

Eginitio Hospital


This research project was conducted in 2012 with the support of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation. It pertains to the history of the first university neuro-psychiatric hospital institution in Greece and includes 18 interviews from members of the scientific, nursery and administrative staff who worked in the hospital during the period 1959-1970. The program highlights the significance of the oral history tools in the narration of the country's recent political and social history.


Interesting facts

The creation of an oral history archive is considered necessary due to the advanced age of most interviewees, former workers at the hospital.

Through the oral testimonies a series of very interesting issues emerged, such as details about the daily lives of workers, the structure and operation of the hospital, the treatment of patients, the relationships between the staff, frictions and conflicts of workers, scientific activity and the contribution of the hospital in the evolution of Greek neuropsychiatry.

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