“The Third Bell or Theatre with a Difference”

Municipal Theatre of Piraeus


What can happen when the theatre goes to school? When theatrical training is transformed into theatrical action? When young directors with different styles meet boy and girl pupils of different ages?

“The Third Bell or Theatre with a Difference” is a theatrical-educational action being conducted by the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus in conjunction with the Latsis Foundation. It is an artistic and educational program whose basic aim is to initiate school pupils of both sexes in theatrical activity, enriching the educational process at the secondary level.

In the context of the program seven directors with different styles and in different age groups collaborate with seven secondary schools in the Piraeus Municipality and neighbourring municipalities on texts by classical authors or original student creations, with a view to preparing seven short theatrical performances to be presented in May at the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus.


Interesting facts

The "Third Bell or Theatre with a Difference” consciously brings together in the classroom the two fields of theatre and education, first at school and then on a professional theatrical stage. Through collaboration with the educators and the directors the pupils  become inspired and embark on a course that makes learning and teaching creative and entertaining. They move into fantastic worlds or shape new fantastic worlds on the basis of their experiences within which they may safely explore important subjects to do with history, tradition, literature, science, art, not to mention their own lives. When the pupils are activated by theatrical teaching, they pursue activities that encourage the development of reading, writing and the skills of discussion and mutual collaboration.

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