Educational Seminar in Physics for 40 Secondary School Teachers

CERN & Society Foundation


The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation this year is funding an educational visit by 40 secondary school physics teachers from all over Greece to the European Organization for Nuclear Research, better known as CERN, in Geneva, Switzerland. The seminar is programmed by CERN to take place at the end of August, with the support of the  CERN & Society Foundation, a body whose mission is the wide publicization  throughout society of the scientific achievements of CERN by means of education, innovation and exchange of information. Culture and the arts. The collaborating party on the Greek side is the Laboratory Centre of Physical Sciences (EKFE) of Aigaleo, which co-ordinates the application and participant selection process.

The teachers’ seminars are part of the work of the   ‘National Teacher Programmes’ and make up a significant proportion of the activity of CERN aimed at ensuring that the knowledge acquired through scientific research should be disseminated to teachers and students. Since 1998 CERN has educated more than 9,500 middle school teachers from 70 countries.  

In the course of the programme CERN makes available all the scientific, administrative and technical support, providing the scientific content, cutting-edge technology, laboratories and installations guides to the languages of the participants, speakers, and all the necessary infrastructures. The Latsis Foundation covers the expenses for accommodation and meals  of participants, the cost of which is often prohibitive for teachers, precluding their participation.

The basic benefit that emerges is that after completition of the seminar the participants function as multipliers of scientific knowledge. Using in class the relevant material, which is available online, they can enrich their teaching on elementary particles and transmit to their students their enthusiasm for Physics and science in general.

Participants in this year’s educational seminar come from the following Secondary Education Directorates:  1st Athens, Piraeus, Arta, Achaia, Viotia, Dodecanese (Rhodes), Evros (Orestiada), Evrytania (Granitsa), Ilia, (Amaliada, Krestena), Eastern Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Corinthia (Velo), Cyclades (Naxos). Lesvos, Magnesia, Messinia, Xanthi, Preveza, Samos (Samos and Ikaria0._Trikala (Ihalia), Chania, Chios and from the Greek High School at Wuppertal in Germany.


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