Support of a collective design programme at schools

Collective Planning & Design Team (CPD)


The Collective Planning & design Team (CPD) is a multidisciplinary team created to upgrade the public space based on social needs and the protection of the natural environment. Since 2013, the Team has been organising collaborative planning workshops at schools of all levels, enabling students to actively participate in restructuring their schools’ courtyards through the approach of concepts, such as the architectural design, the public space and its importance.

John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation supports the Team’s initiative by financing the performance of a collaborative design program initially in the 1st High School of Agios Dimitrios, which bears a special symbolism due to its housing in the historical building of the Architect named Takis Zenetos, known as Stroggilo (=Round). The funding is part of the Foundation’s actions for secondary education, enabling students to develop their knowledge and skills beyond the school programme.  


Interesting facts

The public school of Agios Dimitrios was designed by the architect named Takis Zenetos, during 1969-1972, while its construction started in 1972 and ended in 1974.  

The building’s design reflects the architect’s problematic as regards the educational system, considering that the school building may operate in multiple levels as a flexible platform for alternative and constantly evolving methods of teaching and interaction at school.

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