"Wind Energy" Educational Programme for High School Students.

The Goulandris Museum of Natural History


Goulandris Museum of Natural History was founded in 1964 and is devoted to the study, conservation and protection of natural environment. It has developed efficient scientific activities for the confrontation and inhibition of environmental threats against the planet and for the rehabilitation of natural resources for the preservation of life.  The Museum works for the preservation of our natural environment, by:

  • Daily teaching hundreds of visitors, mainly children of school age.
  • Distributing knowledge into society through meetings, conferences, publications and exhibitions.
  • Developing high-technology workshops focusing on research of the life-giving natural resources: soil, water and air, in relation to nutrition and health.
  • Cooperating with other scientific centres and institutes in Europe and the USA, in the field of biotechnology, soil ecology and analytical chemistry.

The Museum’s complex includes two interconnected buildings, the Goulandris Natural History Museum building and the Gaia Centre for Environmental Research & Education, operating exhibition halls, conducting research work and organising 13 programmes for primary school students and 4 different guided tours for primary and secondary school students, while recently it initiated programmes for kindergarten pupils.  

The John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation funded the experiential educational program on the value of renewable energy resources and in particular Wind Energy.

The objective of the program is:

  • to deepen knowledge in scientific concepts related to wind energy production &
  • to information on energy issues in Greece,

The aim is to raise awareness among students on the problems of the environment, through seeking environmentally friendly solutions that arise from the evolution of technology.

As part of the programme a one-day conference for educators will take place on November 7th, 2015, entitled “Museum and Environmental Education”.


Interesting facts

The first children, who visited the museum in 1974, were guided by the Mrs Goulandris. Overall the Museum since then has welcomed 2.29 million children.

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