Educational programme “First Lesson: Cinema” for the art of cinematography

Athens Film Society


The poster of the educational programme.

Athens Film Society is a non-profit organization founded in 1995, aiming to familiarise the Greek public with the independent American, European and international cinema. To this purpose, it organises Athens International Film Festival called “Opening Nights”, Athens Open Air Film Festival and other actions, emphasising on unknown aspects of the cinema. As part of its activity, it implements in schools of selected areas of the country the educational programme entitled “First lesson: Cinema” with the participation of film critics, directors and actors, in order to introduce students to the history and culture of cinema in an innovative and interactive way.  

As part of its actions aiming to enforce secondary education, John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation supports this year the implementation of the programme “First Hour: Cinema” addressed to lyceum and high school students, aiming to enrich the learning process and familiarise students and their professors with the seventh art.

An overview of World, European and Greek cinema history, in combination with school subjects such as History, the Science, the Greek or Foreign Language and Geography, create a cinematic learning game. During the presentation the students familirize themselves with the same primary materials that more than 120 years ago led to the invention of the cinema: through classic optical illution games of the 19th century, children interact with the basic principles and natural laws that make the animation possible. Moreover, special educational videos and clips from classic films are screened, so that the evolution and milestones of cinema art, starting form the importance of directing and editing up to the creation of imaginative special effects, become perfectly understandable. 

The programme will return to classrooms in October 2015. 


Interesting facts

Since the launch of the programme in 2014, more than 80 school visits have taken place in all areas of the Attica region.

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