Symposium: "Environmental Education Programs and the incorporation of ESD at the New School - Supporting institutions"

Panhellenic Association of Environmental Education Teachers


The Panhellenic Educators Association for Environmental Education was founded in 1992, aiming to enhance and develop environmental education all over the country through, inter alia, the implementation of training seminars and environmental events, as well as through collaboration with public and private bodies in Greece and abroad.  

The Panhellenic Educators Association for Environmental Education organised a two-day symposium on the implementation of environmental education and education for sustainable development at the New School. John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, adding to its significant contribution in the field of environment, supported the Symposium held on April 15-16th 2011 in "Jacqueline de Romilly” Hall in the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Education and Religious Affairs.

Here you can see the Symposium's programme (in Greek).

Interesting facts

Structured Environmental Education was initiated in Greek schools in 1991 with the voluntary participation of the teachers.

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