Programme "Learning Together"


101st Primary School of Athens - Ano Patisia



The aim of the action was for young pupils to develop their skills, broaden their knowledge and, above all, cultivate a positive attitude towards science, through an approach of topics related to the nature of science. Natural Sciences have been combined with ICT and various forms of Art, Language, Mathematics to promote cooperative exploration processes and the development of pupil creativity. Their connecting link was the game, which worked as a learning tool.


More specifically, the actions performed were as follows:


The pupils wrote down on pieces of paper scientists they knew, made drawings, as a group, of those scientists and the tools they used, as they imagined them, presented their definitions in the classroom, and a discussion followed to highlight the new elements / attributes added by each group. Then they worked together to formulate a definition of what a scientist is.

On the occasion of the "mysterious boxes", pupils had the opportunity to reflect on the nature of Science, for example, on scientific processes such as sensory observation, data recordings, forecasts, drawing conclusions, cooperation.

Simple experiments, simulations, classifications, measurements were performed in NSs' subjects, such as electricity, circuits and static electricity, magnetism, light, heat and temperature, appropriately selected for the pupils' ages.

Themed pads were created related to NSs and to scientists, and pupils were asked to go through thematic routes in groups, using the bee-bots robots, and self-assess their effort or be evaluated by their classmates.

The programme was concluded with the "Science Fair": parents and friends were invited to the class, where thematic corners had been created, and all together, with the pupils as guides, performed experiments and talked about science and scientists.


Grades that participated in the activity: 2nd Grade

Number of participating pupils: 35



Polydouri 4

Athens 111 41

Τ: 210 2011026