Programme "Learning Together"


9th Primary School of Elefsina


The purpose of the programme was to acquaint pupils with modern science and, in particular, with the objectives of the CERN Research Center, which mostly conducts research in the fields of Astronomy-Cosmology and Elementary Particle Physics.


The main focus of the program was to show that science can be accessible to Primary education pupils, if presented in an appropriate way. The young pupils outlined and portrayed their own representations of modern science using Arts, Experiment, Crafts and Game. The work was uploaded on the school's website:


The objectives of the programme were largely achieved, as the pupils showed great interest in the new knowledge about the Universe, its creation and evolution, the playful way in which scientists themselves sometimes describe their discoveries and the magnificent equipment operating in CERN. With much enthusiasm they participated in the design of the board games that were made and spent hours playing with great pleasure. They were looking forward to the last day of the school, when they would receive one of these games (CERN Science Dobble) to remind them of the experience. The programme was completed with a virtual tour of CERN via live internet connection.


Grades that participated in the activity: 6th Grade

Number of participating pupils: 14 


Kypraiou 45

19200 Elefsina

Τ: 210 55462560