Programme "Learning Together"


6th Kindergarten of Gerakas




With this program, teachers made use of the large courtyard of the school, especially areas without interest for children, by adapting learning activities to an outdoor environment. The courtyard was transformed into an open-air classroom where children learned about nature, by creating their own garden with native Greek plants and being responsible for their care. In addition, they developed love of reading, by building an outdoor library and organising outdoor readings and literary walks in similar places. The site itself encouraged children to develop simple mathematical skills by applying their ideas to everyday actions and problems, by measuring, noting, comparing in an experiential manner and mainly by enjoying the results of their work. Through individual and team activities, they brought forward their creativity, exchanged ideas and learned new technologies using the computer in day-to-day activities, outside the classroom. 


Nymfon 45 & Aisopou

15344 Gerakas

Τ: 210 6614104