Programme "Learning Together"


1st Primary School of Drosia



The purpose of the program was to create a flexible classroom or a "teams’ classroom" with material and technical infrastructure, such as single flexible desks, laptops, wheeled workstations and relaxation areas, which would serve a different teaching goal at a time.


The flexible classroom created includes the following:


Twenty two small single-seat desks, versatile and adaptable, fitted with special silicone feet to move easily. These desks do not “belong” to any particular student. They can be moved quickly to form a U-shape or a group, or to isolate pupils who need quiet to do individual work. Within one teaching hour, without fuss and waste of time, we can have all four arrangements (frontal, U-shaped, group, variable), depending on the course of teaching. Also, the desks favor the interpersonal communication of the pupils. There is virtually no one sitting "next to", no one is alone, the teams change constantly and every student sits at a different place each time.


Five "workstations" for the cooperative teaching method. Wheeled drawer units with five drawers, a drawer for each lesson (Physics, Mathematics, Language, History - Religion, Geography). For activities where the pupils need to be divided into groups, it is possible to have the drawer unit beside them, with the material placed in the drawer of the corresponding lesson. For example, for the physics lesson, the top five drawers of the workstations contained the materials for one experiment each, and a total of 5 experiments were performed. The teams had 10 minutes to perform each experiment and draw their conclusions, and then move to the next workstation. For the language lesson, each group found in their drawer leaflets with consolidating exercises, which they had to cope with. For Mathematics, there was also different material for each group, e.g. a problem for one team, a fraction for another, decimal numbers for a third, etc. Circular movement was applied.


Shallow, space-saving bookshelves with one shelf for each pupil, where they put their books to avoid taking them back home every day.

Wall hangers for overcoats and bags to make the moving of desks easier.

A two-seater sofa in a corner with a coffee table and a small bookshelf.


Grades that participated in the activity: 6th Grade

Number of participating pupils: 21


14572 Drosia

Τ: 2108133772