Programme "Learning Together"

«Young speleologists from the 8th kindergarten of Kilkis deliver remote lessons of speleology»

8th kindergarten of Kilkis


This programs deals with the environment and the use of New Technologies. The purpose of the creation of the Speleological Society of students of the 8th kindergarten of Kilkis was to teach students concerned from other schools of the area, with the help of technology and particularly through distance learning, to raise awareness on the environment, sustainability, protection and preservation of important ecosystems of the place and natural monuments, such as the Cave of Kilkis and other caves in Greece. The 41 students of the 8th kindergarten and the 71  students concerned from 5 schools were the instructors-speleologists. 


Interesting facts

Through this action, the students developed their self-confidence, occupying a responsibility position and taking the instructor's role very seriously and  worked cooperatively, practiced in research-observation, realised how useful the computer is,since through the computer they achieved contact and essential communication with students of other remote schools, they felt prood and satisfied for their electronic achievements, noting that their trainees gained the best impressions after conducting this action, loved caves and were sensitized to issues of sustainability, protection and preservation of the monuments of nature.
The trainees came from the following schools:
All-day class of the 7th kindergarten of Kilkis (20 students)
Ordinary class of the 10th kindergarten of Kilkis (22 students)
Experimental Kindergarten of the University of Thessaloniki (20 students)
Kindergarten of Gomatio, Chalkidiki (5 students)
Β2 class of the 2nd primary school of Kilkis (24 students)

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