Programme "Learning Together"

When Mathematics met Art, they created a masterpiece…

2nd kindergarten of Komotini


Through this programme, an attempt to approach fundamental mathematical concepts has been performed in the context of visual art. As the special nature of mathematics and their abstract dimension require a long trip to develop the relevant concepts, the art constituted the basis for their creative internalisation. Through observation and creation of tables for each mathematics section, infants demonstrated the knowledge they obtained, creatively approached mathematical concepts and created their own digital art gallery as Lilliputian artists. 


Interesting facts

Through infants' involvement with art, they managed to systematize mathematical concepts and knowledge, develop relevant skills and move from emperical identification of a plan to the exact formulation of its definition. The infants managed to intuitively understand the types of lines, discover essential and basic characteristics of levels and solid geometical shapes, understand the concepts of pattern, symmetry and numerical symbols, while enhancing their creativity. Finally, they realized technology's pottential as a means to promote and highlight their works of art. 

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Teacher Coordinator: Soultana Tsiggidou

4, Themidos St.

69100 Komotini

Tel.: +30 2531031304

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