Programme "Learning Together"

Waste management-recycling

Primary School of Kimeria, Xanthi


It is an environmental program performed with the participation of students from all school classes. Its objective was to let the students understand: (a) the problem of waste management, (b) the pollution and the risks caused by their uncontrolled discharge, (c ) the amount of waste produced at school and at home and (d) the need to reduce the amount of waste. The purpose was to help students understand the usefulness of waste, as well as the composting process through team work and experiential activities. 


Interesting facts

The students understood the problem of uncontrolled waste disposal and learned about the products' different packages and how to reduce waste production at home and at school.  The student population of this particular school unit is exclusively composed by Roma children.

Teacher Coordinator: Ioannis Tzougkas


67100 Xanthi

Tel.: +30 25410 72 353

Fax: +30 25410 72 353