Programme "Learning Together"

The love of reading directors

13th primary school of Serres


The educational process focused on audiovisual expression as an alternative, integrated communication system beyong written and oral speech. Starting with the language book, which contains the literary texts of E class of primary school, the students made a book to movie adaptation. The program's activities included all the modules of primary education. The narration and formulation of concepts through images and sounds, which is not characterized by the severity of the written speech, has however many characteristics of the communication system, such as the oral and written speech.   


Interesting facts

Intervention in school for systematic familiarization of students with audiovisual expression does not only cover a simple request for more artistic awareness, but also wishes to create a complex communication system with international reach and strong penetration capabilities. 

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Teacher Coordinator: Andreas Latinis

15, Kissavou St.

62125 Serres

Tel.: +30 23210 38 710

Fax: +30 23210 38 710