Programme "Learning Together"

All fingers caress despite their diversity: Educational program on diversity and solidarity

Primary School of Mikrokampos, Kilkis


The purpose of this program was to help students develop perceptions, attitudes and practices towards diversity of the members of their community and also develop sincere solidarity and cooperation with all members of the community. It has been implemented by the students and teachers of the 3-seated Primary School and Kindergarten of Mikrokampos with the cooperation of other educational institutions, organizations and individuals. The students participated in ten different types of activities, in order to approach the subject from various aspects: dramatizations, role plays and creation of fairy tales, watching and participation in theatrical performances about diversity, creation and presentation during an artworks exhibition, watching related films, discussions with the participation of psychologists aiming to highlight diversity, sign language elements learning aiming to communicate with students with hearing problems, cooperation with disabled students, study of the biographies of people who -despite their diversity- were distinguished for their social contribution or their contribution to art and introduction to the concept of biodiversity as a factor of species preservation and evolution.    


Interesting facts

The experiential nature of activities helped the students participate with true interst. They started to realize that diversity and variety is the rule both in nature and in human societies. They seemed to understand that nobody is the same and everyone has their own characteristics which - if people are given the opportunity to develop- may be useful for society. By contrast, social exclusion reduces the potential evolution as it brings tension and deprives the society from valuable resource. The students understood that developing relationships with other people requires mutual effort and control of egoism which is often an obtacle in creating personal relationships.   

Teacher Coordinator: Christos Ioannidis

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