Support for the Young Entrepreneurs Programme 

Reload Greece Foundation



The Foundation supports the Reload Greece Young Entrepreneurs Programme (RG YEP), which is the main educational activity of Reload Greece, an organisation based in the United Kingdom providing guidance, support and the means, for young entrepreneurs, to develop new ventures with social and economic impact. The aim is to create a business model that leverages the power of the Greek diaspora to obtain a positive social and economic effect at home.

The programme, lasting one academic year, aims to develop ideas from the initial stage to its development to a full business plan, organising workshops in eight UK universities (Bath, Birmingham, Cambridge, Imperial College London, London Business School, Annex of Newcastle University in London, Surrey and Warwick) in collaboration with Greek student and business associations. The RG YEP comprises three stages: Ignite, Accelerate and Pitch (Promotion). In 2016 the first stage, Ignite, was completed, and 11 teams have already qualified for the next stage. The ideas of the qualifying teams derive from various disciplines, including – but not limited to - artificial intelligence, financial services technology and social entrepreneurship.


In the first stage of the programme (Ignite), attended by 500 participants, 400 business ideas were generated and 25 were “ignited”.

28 speakers and 35 mentors have already offered 50 hours of guidance.

20 workshops have provided extensive guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs.


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United Kingdom