Center for Talented Youth

Anatolia College



In 2016 the Foundation continued its support for the Center for Talented Youth (CTY) Greece, which organises summer courses, distance learning, weekend courses and other educational activities, all at the Anatolia College campus. The aim is to enhance academic excellence, identify gifted and talented students and support their development.


Participants accelerate, enrich and expand their knowledge in various fields such as Philosophy, Microeconomics, International Relations, Art and Science of the Cinema, Mathematical Modelling, Design Principles for Engineers, Biomedical Sciences, Probability and Game Theory, Genetics, Computer Science, Cryptology, Robotics, etc. Through the courses participants are given the opportunity to address a wide range of academic challenges with the help of highly qualified teachers and their peers. The programmes offered are aimed at pupils from the third class of primary school to the second year of senior high school.


The Foundation has been supporting Anatolia College since 2015 and for 2016 awarded 14 scholarships for the three-week summer programme in Thessaloniki and Athens in June and July 2016.


  • 258 school pupils up to second year of senior high school attended the summer camps in  Thessaloniki and 79 attended in Athens.
  • 40% of participants received scholarships.
  • 52% of the pupils participating in the summer programmes were from public schools throughout Greece.


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