3rd Aegean Crossing 




As part of its wider activities, the Neraida Floating Museum supported the work of Symplefsi, providing equipment for schools visited by the team in Kimolos, Folegandros, Sikinos, Schinoussa, Patmos, Arki, Lipsi and Agathonisi, in the course of the 3rd Aegean Crossing between 7th and 17th April 2016. Symplefsi was established with a view to support the remote Greek islands, through provision of free medical examinations and establishment of infrastructural works in local communities.  



The grant enabled the schools in the islands to upgrade their educational and electronic equipment (projectors, computers, copiers and scanners) and furniture (bookcases, tables, chairs), as well as provided them with consumables and learning toys to support the work of teachers. In parallel with the offers in kind, a series of recreational, cultural and informational activities were organised such as, indicatively, book presentations for children, an interactive children's workshop on Human Relations, an intervention for the prevention of smoking among adolescents, photographic exhibitions, Karagiozis performances, etc.


  • The crossing lasted 11 days, with the participation of 11 inflatable crafts and 1 ancillary vessel.
  • The team visited nine remote islands.  
  • A total of 80 volunteers participated in the 2016 mission. 


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