Programme "Learning Together"

The Leftovers of a School: Small Recyclers in Action 

2nd Primary Public School of Aliveri 



This educational activity was created to raise awareness and empower students by helping them acquire the knowledge, skills and values ​​necessary to change the face of their school and to claim a viable-sustainable future.


Starting from the “school’s leftovers”, namely the waste that accumulated within the course of a day in the school, recycling became an important learning activity for the students, and was developed on the basis of the principle "I think locally, I act locally - I think globally". Through modern pedagogical approaches and teaching techniques, the field of environmental education and sustainable development became associated with the environmental and social norms of the city of Aliveri, as well as with the debate on Aliveri’s waste management techniques / strategies. The activities included field trips, constructions, games, awareness activities and the results were disseminated through presentations, the construction of an online news blog and through actions that promote the programme to the local community.


Classes participated: Second and Third Grade

Number of participants: 52 students


Kouvara street- Kokkinogia

Aliveri, 34500 

Contact number: 2223022491

Fax: 2223025315