Programme "Learning Together"

The cultivation of the soul is a very big deal as a recreational trip in a wonderful school 

1st Primary School of Gorgopotamos



The educational programme was designed to develop creativity, critical thinking, the ability to take initiative, problem solving skills, emotional intelligence and the collective spirit of the students.

The tasks focused on the field of literature, with the creation of a book-lending library in the school and its enrichment with works of literature from the 5th and 6th grades textbooks, as well as works of cinema, with the projection of various films accompanied by the creation of a worksheet and drawing sessions for each film. During the programme, the students also visited archeological sites and museums, such as the Museum of Natural History of Oiti and the Byzantine Museum. enhancing the environmental consciousness of students was another goal of the programme, which was achieved with walks on the Pharmakidis path and the Pavilani forest park. During the school year, a classroom seminar was held on the book "The Garden with the 11 Cats" The students, then participated in small experiential events that eventually turned into a play, which was presented at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Lamia.


Classes involved in the activity: 5th Grade

Number of participants: 31 students


Moschochori Fthiotida

35100 Lamia

Contact number: 2231081408

Fax: 2231081408