Programme "Learning Together"

Studying the weather in our city

6th Primary school of Livadia  


The educational activities involved the collection, processing and study of weather phenomena in the area of Livadia by the children themselves. Small groups of monitoring and collecting data of the weather station were set up, who alternately studied the data and wrote on a newly-created bulletin board, found at the school entrance. At the same time, other groups compiled data from other similar weather stations in our town or in other towns and proceeded to compare the results with ours.


Interesting facts

On creating the weather forecast at school our students were encouraged to work together and combined the subjects of Environmental Studies and Geography with their practical use in everyday life. They understood the differences between the weather and the climate, got familiar with weather terms, realized the meaning of the microclimate and the specific weather conditions of each area and got familiar with the use of ICT and the practice of data observation, processing and drawing conclusions on climate change. Finally, equally important to the educational process is the fact that the school "opened" to society, as many of our fellow citizens have sought to learn about our activities and several colleagues from other schools showed interest in future collaborations.

Teacher Coordinator: Petros Samouchos

Skourton & Vagion Str.

32100 Livadia

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