Programme "Learning Together"

Searching for my Past Where I Grew Up


7th Kindergarten of Nafplion, Kindergarten of Anyfi, Kindergarten of Poulakida



The educational programme was based on the history of the region, aiming to give students the opportunity to appreciate the value and the / worldwide reach – reputation of its archaeological sites. Although they get to see them in their everyday life, they do not have the necessary knowledge to appreciate them.

Children, teachers and parents became explorers and searched for the history of places through books, narratives, myths, traditions, electronic libraries, and visits to archaeological sites and museums.

With the collaboration of the three kindergartens, various activities were organized within the school, the archaeological sites of Mycenae, the Mycenaean cemetery of Dendra, Tiryns, Nafplion and the Archaeological Museum of Nafplion.


Classes involved in the activity: Children of 5 – 6 years old.
Number of participants: 57 students



7th Kindergarten of Nafplion

Konstantinou Palaiologou - Nafplion
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Kindergarten of Anyfi

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Kindergarten of Poulakida

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