Programme "Learning Together"

"I make my alphabet a game!"

2nd Primary School of Nafpaktos



Through the educational programme "I make my alphabet a game", the students of the 1st grade:

A) Had the opportunity to discover the traces of writing, by exploring its evolution from the rock paintings and the prehistoric man, to this day through interactive activities. They traveled through time, built their own Phaistos Disc, created stamps and papyrus, and made their own albums. They discovered other scriptures and played with their own secret codes of the alphabet. They saw through the eyes of the blind, they spoke the language of the deaf, and through literary books they traveled through the paths of writing.

B) Discovered writing and reading through playful activities, created new words and their own digital comics, as well as played a variety of group games, such as memory, following the school curriculum. Knowledge was acquired through interaction during children play. Moreover, Plato said: “Do not force children into learning, but educate them through playing”.


Classes that participated in the activity: 1st grade
Number of participants: 28 students



Thermo 60, Nafpaktos

30300, Aetoloakarnanias

Contact Number: 2634027243