Programme "Learning Together"

"Come to our yard"

4th Primary School of Thiva  


Aiming to bring children together through teamwork the programme included the following educational activities:

"Our winged roommates": Students created collages, sketches, bird paintings by conducting research and watching educational videos and films, built bird nests in the school’s courtyard and visited Moschopedis-Thiva grove and Antonis Tritsis Environmental Awareness Park.

"Light and air act with us": the activity was implemented by gradually enriching students' thought and knowledge on energy. The presentation and acquaintance with a photovoltaic panel proved to be a very interesting and attractive activity. The final activities (constructions, puzzles, cardboard mapping of a wind turbine combined with information on its operation) have led to the identification of the important elements that form the basis for the use of energy in everyday life and, ultimately, to making the students responsible citizens of the planet.

"Our yard, a courtyard of the book": The students studied, conceptually analyzed and linguistically edited seven fairy tales about diversity. From the elaboration of the fairy tales, with the help of the writer and illustrator, Mrs. Denezakis, a new fairy tale emerged. The fairytale was written, illustrated and dramatized by the pupils in the “reading corner” of our school campus. The ultimate result of this collective activity was so good that we co-decided the printing of the fairytale in a printing shop / typography, according to the standards of publishable / issuable fairy tales.


Classes involved in the activity: B, C, D, E, F 'Primary
Number of participants: 187 students



Agiou Athanassiou 4


32200, Thebes