Programme "Learning Together"

I Walk Along the Path of my Land


Primary School of Askifos 



The educational activity "I Walk Along the Path of my Land” " is a synthesis of various projects for the acquaintance of students with their homeland in an unusual way. They learned about, they walked around, and they experienced their homeland from different perspectives: by observing the natural environment, exploring it, studying local history and organizing activities on their own. Students received a lot of information about the plants of the area, especially the herbs, as well as about the changes that take place in the natural environment and the causes that have led to these changes. They took part in recycling activities and learned about the traditional professions and history of their homeplace in a way that it relates to the history of Crete and Greece in general.


Classes involved in the activity: All grades of primary school
Number of participants: 41 students


Askyfos, Sfakia

73011 Chania

Τ: 28250 95295

F: 28250 95295