Programme "Learning Together"

Great Ideas 

2nd Primary School of Echinai, Achinos Stylidas, Fthiotida



The programme focused on familiarizing the students with “role models” that have left their mark over time in both the science of Mathematics and the related sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Architecture, Economics) and arts (Art, Music). It included a variety of activities, such as searching for biographical information, commentary and discussions, use of audiovisual material, interactive games and visits to museums (Herakleidon, Acropolis, Asteroscholeio of Ipati), reflection activities, text writing and visual creations. Children learned about people and ideas that had a significant impact on the development of science and human culture, such as Pythagoras, Iktinos, Heron of Alexandria, Hypatia, Leo the Mathematician, Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo, Jules Verne, Sonia Kovalevskaya, M.Curie, M. Yunus, B. Kandinsky, M. K. Escher.


Classes that participated: 5th Grade
Number of participants: 22 students



Karavomylos, Stylida

35300, Fthiotida

Contact Number: 2238041042