Programme "Learning Together"

Ellinopygosteos- The ancient inhabitant of our wetland

24th Primary School of Lamia - Agia Paraskevi



The environmental programme "Ellinopygosteos- The ancient inhabitant of our wetland" had as its main objective for the students to become aware of the existence and the special value of the Agia Paraskevi –Lamia wetland endemic fish, Ellinopygosteos.

 It is a small (3-5cm), endemic, fish species. It has a very long evolutionary history and is considered as one of the world's most primitive fish.

The spread of the species Ellinopygosteos has been stopped and limited to the area that it currently lives some 30 million years ago. It is found only in the watersheds of the river Spercheios, in the area of Fthiotida. It is registered in the list of endangered animals of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and is protected by Presidential Decree 67/81.


Classes involved in the activity: All grades of primary school
Number of participants: 104 students


Agia Paraskevi
35100 Lamia

Τ: 2231033392